First Package

SAR 500

✓ Less than 7 ads
✓ 7% of the campaign budget

Second Package

SAR 1,000

✓ More than 10 ads
✓ 7% of the campaign budget

Google Ads

SAR 3,338
  • We need the following points in the campaign

Ok, the platform will be Google Adwords
-Linking the ads account with the statistics account
Linking the Merchant account, daily follow-up, and submitting reports when needed
- Activate the (remarketing activity) feature by tracking all website visitors so that ads appear for everyone who entered the site or conducted any kind of events such as adding to the basket or adding to the wish list
Linking Console Search Account with Ads Account
- Follow up on product reports that are being researched by Internet users
Analyzing keywords and choosing the most important ones
- Ensure that the quality score in the advertisements is very high, so that the advertisement is displayed extensively with the lowest costs
Arranging the account and naming the ads so that it is far from random to ensure that mistakes are not made
Adjust the display materials in the appropriate sizes and in the best way
Use html5 ads to increase conversion rate
Provide detailed reports on product performance and campaign performance
Submit a report on the Ad Auctions Index
Determine the most important competitors in order to target the audiences who visit their websites
• Google tag manager account
1 - Create the Conversion Tag
2 - Create a Trigger to display the pages
3- Create a Trigger to add to cart
4 - Create a Trigger to add to Wishlist
5 - Create a Trigger to complete the order
6 - Create a Variable for the order number
7 - Create Variable Currency
8 - Create a Variable for the order value
9 - Create a Variable for Mobile
10. Create a Variable for the Email
• Google Merchant Account
1- Dealing with the problems of the rejected products periodically
2 - Create a feed to fetch products from the site
3 - Adding fixed and variable shipping methods to the feed
4- Activate customer reviews and product ratings
5- Activate the dynamic remarketing program
6 - Activate the promotional program
7 - Set the account settings to the typical settings